AimToG specializes in IT service, endeavoring ceaselessly to strengthen its position in various specialized areas ranging from software development/supply, through hardware supply, to maintenance/repair, to help sharpen business competitiveness of customers.

IT Infrastructure Business

Infra. Business Team : Optimal IT infrastructure is provided through Direct Sales.

HPE ISS Best partner Award(12 years running)

HPE Asia-Pacific, “The Best Datacenter Partner” Award

Chosen as best sub-contractor by Kakao, SK, and others

Our Infra Business Team directly offers IT infrastructure, including HPE server and storage, and technical services through Direct Sales and built standardized service processes to improve customer satisfaction through technical support and failure history management know-how for various customers.

Aim To G Infra Business Team supplied about 8,000 units of servers, i.e. 10% of Hewlett Packard Enterprise systems sold in Korea each year, travelled more distance in the past 6 months to circle the Earth for customer service, and has increasing technical support, maintenance and service provision ratio for current customers compared to building systems for new customers.

HPE Servers, HPE Storage

Infra Business Team is an expert customer service team providing IT infrastructure and services to customers of varying environments. The technology,
services and communication ability provided to our customers are becoming standardized processes for better services. Aim To G has been selected as the
Most Outstanding Partner by HPE for 12 consecutive years, from 2006 to 2017.

Network Business Team : End-to-End Network Solution

Information & Communication Construction Business Registration

Network Business Team has products and solution portfolio in all end-to-end categories including network, security and server and supplies
products of utmost quality and technical support through experts in various fields. The team aims to promote efficient networking and practical cost reduction desired by our customers.

HPE Aruba has products and solution portfolios in all end-to-end categories and already provides efficient network operation and practical cost reduction effect to over 30,000 companies around the world. These wide range of powerful products that cover all capacities that are fully compatible with products of other vendors are available from the Aim To G Network Business Team.

Communications Business Team : Expert service for domestic and overseas communications business

Communications Business Team provides customized technology to the ever-changing railway communication, overseas railway and plant markets.
It is a System Integrator with a range of combinations of NOKIA products and facilities and continues to take on challenges and make efforts both at home and abroad ccwith technology, organization and competitive edge.

Train Radio LTE-R

Transfer SDH, IP/MPLS

System Integration


  • Building LTE-R : Provides highly efficient and reliable wireless communications network for railway wireless communication as well as a comprehensive
    end-to-end LTE-R wireless communications solution with standard ALL-IP sub systems.
  • Communications equipment business : Offers various NOKIA products to build IT infrastructure and provide railway communications service

Security Business Team : Optimized security for customer environment

With two pillars: DB Security(DB encryption, DB access control, DB vulnerability analysis) and Network Security, the Security Business Team is firmly committed to building up the secure computing environment that customers need in the upcoming 4th industrial revolution.

Awards & Certification

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Platinum Partner

AimToG is Platinum Partner (top-level partner with authority over the sales and service of whole products and technologies of Hewlett Packard Enterprise) of HPE Korea, providing the best services for whole product lineup of HPE Korea.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise erviceone Specialist Partner
HP Helion OpenStack cloud pecialist Partner
Hewlett Packard Enterprise (Big Data, Cloud, Mobility Security) Specialist Partner

2004 Registered as official partner of HP
2008 Signed an agreement on partnership for supporting HP ASDP official service
2010 Signed Official HP Platinum Partner Agreement
2012 Signed Official Fusion-io International Partner Agreement
2014 Registered Information & Communication Construction Business

2005 Registered HP PeBP(Premier Enterprise Business Partner)
2009 HP Asia-Pacific, “The Best Datacenter Partner” Award
2012 Awarded HP Cloud Best Partner
2013 Entered into NexentaStor certified partner Agreement
2006 ~ 2017 Awarded the HPE Best Sub-Contractor for 12 straight years(2006-2017)

HPE Best Partner Award 12 years running, 2017 1st in HPE ISS

Chosen as best sub-contractor by Kakao, SK, and others

Awarded the Top Performing Partner prize in HPE Asia-Pacific Region