AimToG specializes in IT service, endeavoring ceaselessly to strengthen its position in various specialized areas ranging from software development/supply, through hardware supply, to maintenance/repair, to help sharpen business competitiveness of customers.

Why AimToG

AimToG is ready to become your futuristic business partner.

Customer service management capability

AimToG has carried out customer services, not merely distribution, for more than a decade since its foundation.
The technologies/services and communication capabilities which AimToG has provided to many customers under many different environments are incorporated into standardized process laying cornerstone for even better services.

Direct Service

Sustainable Growth Strategy

AimToG challenges and endeavors ceaselessly to create new future value by maximizing the internal growth engine with precise goal and strategy. Through that, AimToG provides effective services tailored to the needs of customers.

지속 가능한 성장 전략

1. AimToG has planned and acted out on your mission and vision for more than a decade

AimToG made entry into IT market based on HP H/W business in 2004. AimToG has survived for more than 10 years in IT market, particularly H/W market where many companies start up and shut down because AimToG set clear goal from the outset and has proceeded with strategic planning and implementation.

2. AimToG pursues novelty and takes challenge as top priority

AimToG has exerted effort to think out of box in order to survive in IT market as a start-up company and has focused on methods in great detail. AimToG has pursued the best methods to deliver better customer services and readily advanced into new sectors while beefing up existing business. That is the way how AimToG has made strides.

3. AimToG understands the lives of people as their life partner

AimToG stands firm in its belief that investment in employees is the key to success in reinvestment process, and makes investment to help ensure professionalism and specialization vital for individual employees to fully demonstrate their capabilities based self-development. In addition, we provide various benefits to help employees strike balance between work and life, so that they can focus more on works.

Expansion of service capabilities

AimToG established the Service Operation Center and Research Institute to provide better services without remaining complacent and continues to strengthen service capabilities and make investment in R&D(Research and Development).

Service Operation Center

  • Analysis of customer needs
  • Propose integrated system design/optimization solutions
  • Provide flawless systems (QC, BMT, Firmware, Drive…)
  • Standardized operation process
  • Continuous customer service guarantee

Platform Research Institute

  • Analysis of customers needs
  • Conditions analysis & consulting/optimal solutions proposal
  • Monitoring and service support
  • Customizing to client company conditions
  • Development for new issues/needs