AimToG specializes in IT service, endeavoring ceaselessly to strengthen its position in various specialized areas ranging from software development/supply, through hardware supply, to maintenance/repair, to help sharpen business competitiveness of customers.

A Message from the CEO

The creativity and challenging spirit for value creation.

I am Hyeongjoon Park,
CEO of AimToG Co.,Ltd.

We didn’t know what we were getting into when we started as an IT company. Our passion and efforts were rewarded by some success, and that gave us a sense of “can-do” confidence.
We had a company, but it closed within 4 years. But the experience taught us many things.
It closed because we couldn’t fulfill the promises to our clients and employees. We worked hard and rapidly grew to become the best, but we felt that we couldn’t keep that up for long before we wore ourselves out.

AimToG was founded in 2004 with that valuable lesson.
Since then, we’ve grown by working hard for our clients, becoming a B2B/B2C company, and creating a diversified business portfolio.

The relationships with the clients I’ve personally met and all those that put their trust in our company are our most valuable assets.
AimToG’s vision is to grow together with the client companies and become a future-oriented partner to our clients, sub-contractors, and employees.

Therefore, AimToG will provide a lot of value.
Even in the simplest tasks, we will do what no other company will be able to do.
As a B2B H/W company that expanded into a B2B S/W, ITO company, we will never stop thinking of new and fresh ideas.
Providing value with passion and creativity, that is how we will grow into the future.

We’re still a small company, but we haven’t forgotten our dreams and goals, and we have the strength to meet them.
All of our employees are setting new goals for a better tomorrow.
So even when our sales are down for a bit, we don’t lose hope. We bounce right back.
We promise to continuously work hard to provide a better service for you.

Hyeongjoon Park,
CEO of AimToG Co.,Ltd.