AimToG specializes in IT service, endeavoring ceaselessly to strengthen its position in various specialized areas ranging from software development/supply, through hardware supply, to maintenance/repair, to help sharpen business competitiveness of customers.


AimToG advances into new business area, such as software and contents, and expand its capabilities for
IT infrastructure business at the same time, thereby continuing on a steady growth path.

Established the Service Operation Center and in-house research center, strengthening R&D activities

Constant challenge to new areas and growth


  • Annual sales reach 56.7 Mil. USD
  • Seoul Business Agency, “HiSeoul Brand Company”
  • Korea Technology Finance Corporation, “A+ Member”


  • ClusterPlus/AppInsightor Launched
  • HP Top Partner of the Year Wired IT Award
  • Office Relocation


  • Start of SI/SM Business


  • Winner of Korea’s 11th New Growth Award,
    Received Presidential Seal


  • Mobile Research Lab Opened


  • Winner of Korea’s 12th Digital Innovation Award,
    Winner of the Ministry of Knowledge Economy Award
  • Innobiz / Venture Business Certifications


  • Winner of Korea’s 11th Digital Innovation Award,
    Winner of the Small & Medium Business Award


  • Entered into HP Platinum Partner Agreement


  • HP Asia-Pacific “The Best Datacenter Partner”
  • NetFUNNEL GS Acquisition


  • Entered into Official Service Support Partner Agreement on HP – ASDP
  • Korea Herald Business: Selected for “People & Company Opening Up the Future”


  • Platform Research Lab Opened


  • AimToG Founded

IT Solution Business

  • Single S/W developed by its in-house research institute with independent domestic technology
  • GS certification and 8 patents in Korea / patents in USA, Japan, China
  • Took on 3 congested services(year-end tax adjustment, railroad ticketing, class registration)
  • Service is applied to key services, such as public service site of about 30 public organizations including the Supreme Court, Blue House, etc., sites of corporations including Samsung Electronics, Hyundai Motors, SKT, LGU+, etc., and sites of financial institution including Shinhan Bank, Industrial Bank of Korea(IBK), etc.

IT Infrastructure Business

  • Awarded the HPE Best Sub-Contractor for 12 straight years(2006-2017)
  • PentaSecurity sub-contractor in 2016
  • HP Best Cloud Sub-Contractor Award in 2012
  • HPE Helion OpenStack Cloud specializing sub-contractor
  • HPE New Style of IT specializing sub-contractor(Big Data, Cloud, Mobility Security)
  • Chosen as best sub-contractor by Kakao, SK, and others