AimToG specializes in IT service, endeavoring ceaselessly to strengthen its position in various specialized areas ranging from software development/supply, through hardware supply, to maintenance/repair, to help sharpen business competitiveness of customers.

Mission & Vision

AimToG means aiming at ‘G’,

It implies tenacity for realizing the 3G, the founding goals of the company.
AimToG has mapped out and proceeded towards its goals rooted in the mission and vision set forth at its creation over the last decade.

Global Business
Future-oriented Business
Next-generation Computing Business


BIZ : We will focus on developing competitive technologies to be quickly adaptive to rapidly changing IT(Information Technology) worldwide.
COMPANY : We will become a ceaselessly learning organization to keep our fingers on the pulse of global technology trends and forecast them precisely in our endeavor to provide better services and solutions.

Grid Computing

BIZ : We will come closer to customers by building grid computing-based system, the next-generation computing environment, and offering the solutions.
COMPANY : We will focus on developing workforce equipped with ability to carry out works independently and strengthening organizational capability underpinned by horizontal communication.


BIZ : We will analyze the needs of customers and make proposals suited to environment of customers while forecasting the needs of customers to cope with future corporate environment.
COMPANY : We will identify and develop talents who can quickly understand and analyze principles behind phenomenon and take upon new challenges in their fields.


AimToG’s mission is to provide The Better Service
to our customers by aiming for the 3Gs.


AimToG’s vision is to be a future-oriented partner
to our customers by providing The Better Service.